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Tips and Tricks that Make it Easy to Master your Smart TV Use


When there is an operating system that handles your TV, you know that the old ways and means in which you used to use your TV for entertainment are redundant. You have to adapt to new techniques and means. To get you better acquainted with this and ensure you use your smart TV in the best way possible, here are a few tips and tricks you need to gain control of. This helps you make use of your TV in the best way possible. This makes it seamless to utilize various kinds of applications to view an array of contents.

Adding a remote control for games

Your smart LED TV comes with its small catalogue of adapted games. It makes it easy to play with the help of the remote control of the device on which it is installed. However, this does not always result in a seamless experience. This is exactly why the TV gives you the choice of connecting to a Bluetooth remote. Simply head to settings and pick the add device option. Alternatively, you can also use the remote to navigate through the menus.

You can send files and images to any device

Transferring any kind of local file to your computer indeed comes with problems. However, there is an easier way around this. All you have to do is use a file explorer and send the photos as well as files to a USB. From there send them to the computer. These applications may sometimes fail but you can take refuge in the cloud. By installing the ES file explorer application, you obtain a cloud section where it becomes easy to configure your Google Drive, Dropbox, or Microsoft One Drive account.

Do not turn a blind eye towards Google Assistant

With Google Assistant, whatever you can do on your device can be multiplied in a whole lot of ways. If your TV remote does not come with a microphone, you can install the Android TV remote control application. Coming back to Google Assistant, you can use it to control all of your operations right from playback to volume. You can make use of it to stream Netflix movies, control YouTube videos as well as play Spotify music.

Access to apps that come with restricted profiles can be blocked

There is something known as a restricted profile on your Android TV. It can be activated through the Security and Restrictions option. This ensures you have to enter a PIN. When you set it up, you can check out all of your installed apps. This ensures you can opt for the ones you have access to and which ones you do not use the restricted profile. This works exactly like parental control. After configurations are complete, a user can look at more applications that the ones that are set up by entering the PIN. Without using the PIN, no more applications can be purchased or downloaded.

You can take a screenshot

Did you know this was possible with your 32-inch smart LED TV? If not, then yes this is perfectly possible. In fact, it is as easy and seamless as how you would take one on your smartphone. While the manner in which you do this is somewhat different, generally, you need to press two buttons at the same time.

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This includes the turn down the volume button and the power button on the remote control. The capture animation is saved in the path of SD card/Pictures/Screenshots.

You can disable automatic app updates

If you do not possess the option to use a USB to enhance storage in your Android TV, you can look at other alternatives. This ensures you can control the little space you have and ensure your device does not slow down. You can try disabling automatic updates for all of your applications. You can leave only a few apps to auto-update. To do this, you have to head to the Google Play Store application and head to settings. Here, you can look at an automatic update of applications. Accordingly, you can deactivate them based on your liking.

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So there you go. Now that you know a little bit more about Smart LED TVs, go ahead and make the most of your device to enjoy an uninterrupted and seamless experience.


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