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HostingRaja An Emerging Web Hosting Company


Over only a few years, HostingRaja has emerged as one of those web hosting companies that can provide reliable hosting services to its customers and that too at an unbeatable and highly competitive price. When the discussion about the best web hosting companies, you will be astonished to know that HostingRaja comes under the top 10 hosting companies, thanks to its popularity, rising customers, great features and most of all, excellent price! It has emerged as the best and top-notch brand for web hosting services in today’s time.

Features and additional benefits

HostingRaja is simply unmatchable when the point is about features and additional benefits. There are two plans and each of them offers you great features. Additional benefits are offered at an extra price, but basically, the features are quite fulfilling.  Following features are being offered to the customers with HostingRaja plans:

Unlimited bandwidth

Unlimited domains

Unlimited disk space

Amazing site builder

Excellent technical support

Top-notch pricing

All these features and additional benefits make HostingRaja one of the most amazing web hosting companies.

What makes it #1 choice?

For many companies, especially the beginners HostingRaja is a #1 company that can offer various features as well as benefits at a price that is just so excellent. So, what is it that makes it so popular and preferable for the customers? Here are the reasons:

Unlimited E-mail accounts

Free instant set-up

Free lifetime domain

Unlimited space for transfer and Web space

24*7 technical and customer support

30-days guarantee for money back if you are not satisfied

Secure servers

Load-balancing technology

Reliability and great uptime

All these reasons make HostingRaja a truly desirable web hosting company. By offering the money-back guarantee too, HostingRaja demonstrates its strong confidence in the services and products offered.

Budget cPanel option

The reason why HostingRaja can be considered popular is because of its affordable cPanel option.

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This is perhaps one of those hosting companies that offer an amazing cPanel control panel to you and that too at a great price. This is one of the most affordable cPanel options that are available to you.


Is the web host established and well known? Are the servers fast and reliable? You can always test how reliable the web host is by making a cold call or emailing them and see how long they take to respond to you.

Good customer support

We don’t have to reiterate how important this factor is while determining to host for your sites. Check the company that you are leaning towards to see if they have professional customer support that can be accessed 24/7. Do they offer email, phone and online chat support? This is integral because if you run into some technical difficulties then you can be assisted promptly.

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So basically, HostingRaja is an amazing web hosting company with continuously rising numbers of customers and also offering amazing features. It is not that, HostingRaja is perfect and has no cons at all. However, the limited and countable numbers of cons are being overshadowed with the pros of this company!


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