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Full-On Entertainment with the Latest Version of Vidmate


The most recent version of Vidmate is v3.6507 which was launched on 31 January 2019. In this new version, the developers have fixed some issues so the users of this application can have a superior experience than the experience they were having previously. For the Vidmate old version, the users were confronting a few issues, for example,

  • JavaScript related issues
  • Issues related to sharing the videos by means of Whatsapp
  • Problems with Whatsapp status server.

For the people belonging to Gen Y and Gen Z, what is the most loved way for time-pass? The appropriate answer is simple. Youngsters love social networking in their leisure time. A considerable number of them are even addicted to it. The renowned social networking websites are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr and so forth where individuals can share various kinds of media, for example, photographs, videos and some more. Some of these sites permit to watch these shared media files just if the user is connected with the internet, i.e., they don’t give a choice to download videos for offline use. The issue with this is, the internet isn’t accessible at all the places.

Even if the internet is accessible, at times there are internet speed issues and videos and other media do not load. At that point Gen Y and Gen Z individuals think that they are simply wasting their time as give up. To take care of this issue, software engineers have made applications which permit downloading videos directly from those kinds of websites which don’t give any option to download videos. One well known application having this type of feature is Vidmate. The application is very easy to use. Thus, more than 500 million individuals have downloaded this application till now. This application has been banned from the Google play store. It was banned from the Google Play Stores for the reasons like:

  • This application disregards the rules of Google.
  • Google had cautioned them on different occasions about copyright issues.
  • It can download any video from any sources, for example, YouTube. The copyright owners of the videos did not welcome the idea of Vidmate.

This video downloading application can be downloaded from numerous sites accessible online without paying anything. After installation of Vidmate on the Android phone of the user, the application can be utilized to download videos from various websites, for example, Vimeo, DailyMotion, SoundCloud, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr and so on. The highlights of this application, which have made this application people’s top choice, are as per the following:

  • This application is well equipped for downloading videos from sites like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr and so on with no issues.
  • Users of this application can watch live TV having more than 200 unique channels.
  • The speed of downloading videos utilizing this application is amazingly high.
  • There is no difficulty in using this application.
  • This application does not take much space on the memory card of the user’s Android phone as the size of this application is just 12.41 MB.


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