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What are the key things you need to know about TeslaEV?


Are the EVs safe?

In road safety, EVs even abide by the standards. The key concern is about the fire threat when thinking about EV protection. High-voltage Li-ion battery pack in EVs consists of flammable electrolyte.

Vehicle manufacturers take high responsibility for protection. Tesla (NASDAQ TSLA) Electric Vehicles, for example, have a firewall between battery pack and passenger cabin.

Even if it’s caught, the special structure slows the fire spread and warns passengers to get out of the car. After collisions, EVs can be disconnected from the battery to prevent further damage.

How to recharge EV?

There’ll always be one popular charging-related electric car questions! An electric vehicle travels using the battery stored energy. As fuel refill in a traditional vehicle, an electric vehicle must recharge the battery.

Different charging facilities are available for EV.

Charging stations are common in countries like China, USA, etc. Home charging is one of EV charging’s best options. If the distance travelled by the car is less than 100 km/day, charging may be done at home.

Infrastructure improvements in charging stations must be further developed.

Can we drive long in EV?

How fast is a single-charge electric vehicle travelling? The response would be a 125-km average. Battery technology is built daily. Capacity increases and costs decrease.

If the charging stations are spread along with the road, long-distance drives in an EV would be possible. Tesla motors have Installed charging stations worldwide and are expanding the scope of charging stations. Without range anxiety, travelling long distance is possible until charging stations are available everywhere.

How about Electric Vehicle battery life?

Electric Vehicle battery adds expense and weight to the lion. Battery life monitors the vehicle’s cost-effectiveness. A battery’s replacement cost is high. Therefore, battery life is a problem in EVs. A standard 5 to 7-year EV battery.

Long-lasting, high-energy batteries are being designed to fuel electric vehicle development for low cost.

Why are e-cars so expensive?

EVs’ initial cost is much higher than traditional IC engine vehicles. Battery pack is an electric vehicle’s most expensive portion. Advances in battery research in recent years have significantly decreased battery costs. Large-scale EV production, market competition, etc. will further reduce costs.

EV technology is not as proven as IC engine vehicle technology, and the initial costs of electric vehicles are much higher.

How much will be the EV maintenance cost?

Electric vehicle maintenance costs are lower than IC engine vehicles. Most components are either maintenance-free or less maintenance-free. Oil adjustments, exhaust repair, engine repair, regular clutch repairs, gearbox, etc. are totally unnecessary in an electric car. This lowers an electric vehicle’s operating expense by around 35% less than a traditional vehicle’s.

What is the experience of driving Electric Cars?

Electric Vehicle uses propulsion motors. Highly flexible speed-torque features of an electric motor offer the best driving experience. One distinction the driver can experience is electric vehicle silence compared to traditional vehicles.

Low-speed performance is impressive in an EV. Compared to IC cars, manufacturers aim to encourage the same or superior EV experience. All-wheel drive electric vehicles have come to market to provide driver or electric vehicle with sporty experience. If you think Tesla is a good company to invest, you can check its cash flow at before investing.


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