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Solar Street Light Manufacturers


Technology is vastly used in all types of fields today. It is common to experience challenges or faults when using technology. The various components might stop functioning leading to complications. Solar lights also have the same features. Hence, the problems do have solutions and they can be handled with relevant expertise.

However, some exceptions will require the help of the experts in the field like technicians or engineers or the solar street light manufacturers in India. The following are some tips for individuals to take note of when the solar street light stops functioning.

Firstly, individuals can monitor the control panel of the solar street light as the controller is the main region of control of the solar street lights. There are various indicators like red, yellow, and a flashlight.

When the system is charging, it turns on the red light. When it is fully charged it turns on the flashlight and when there is a power loss, it turns yellow. The battery voltage of the solar street light should also be checked frequently. If the LED lamp stops functioning, then one can check the wires.

However, if the problem does not lie with the controller, then individuals can check the solar panel or with the solar led street light manufacturers in India. If the solar panel is unable to charge, then there will be no current flow. The connector of the solar panel should also be checked. Sometimes, the snow might cover the solar panel and hinder it from charging.

Sometimes in the battery present in the solar led street light can also be easily broken down after some time. The battery produced by some manufacturers may not be waterproof. This might cause a short circuit once water enters the battery. This may cause the voltage to be unstable.

It is important to check the battery when troubleshooting the solar led street light. The voltage may differ with discharging and it has to be changed if it does not work normally. The battery pull tab has to be checked at most of the time, the solar street light batteries come together with it. Once the pull tab has been removed entirely from the battery, it will have the lights working well.

Another key tip is that solar street lights do not function during the day. They usually recharge during the day and illuminate at night. To detect if the solar device is functioning, the solar panels need to be covered so that the sensors do not detect light and illuminate when required.

The solar panels are the most sensitive element present in the solar street lights. This nature comprises the need to be exposed under the sunlight. The batteries are recharged via the Their nature encompasses the need for being exposed to the sunlight and recharging the batteries through the photovoltaic cells which trap the light.

Solar panels can attract particles like the dust, dirt and other particles. When this occurs the sensors and the PV cells are unable to carry out their functions. The Individual cab cleans the solar panels with a towel and soap water. This removes the obstruction on the solar panels. The sunlight can then penetrate through the panels without any invasion.

Individuals can also make use of the ‘deep charge’ technique. This is done by switching the solar lights off and not it unless it gets exposed under the sun for approximately 72 hours. The deep charge technique does not require one to  use the solar unit.

However, it will enable people to get a lot of daylight for a few days.  But you will allow it to receive plenty of sunlight for a couple of days. Furthermore, the batteries will be recharged via the solar panels even when the device is turned off.

Finally, the damages in the circuit can be detected. This prevents the erosion of the corrosion layer. If the solar street light is able to function in the daylight, but if it cannot be turned off, then the various elements of the controller have been burnt out.

You can contact the solar street light manufacturers and get their guidance on the matter. This is the best method to do as the  solar street light manufacturers are likely to know about their product specifications and provide the proper support system in this area.


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