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Worth of Gold, Silver, and several other jewels will be only understood by the Jewelers. A single Jewels might worth several million dollars, but for jewellers, it will be worthless if it is not featured in a perfect way. In the past Jewelers had to spend quite a lot of time to fulfil their business requirements. But now with the evolution of technology things are now not same. There are many Jewellery Software available that are able to solve all of your Jewels related issues, and also helps your business to prosper.And for that reason, you would surely require ERP for Jewellery Business. Well a single Jewelry ERP Software is not just responsible for featuring Jewels for you, but actually, it is a multi-tasking software.

Gem Analyzer

This software, first of all, analyzes a single Gem or jewel before it can reshape it for you. Once analyze is complete then you can reshape it however you like till it is ready to be sold out or stocked.Plus you need not any registers to keep a record for all of your invoices and sales or purchase records.Instead, there is also another amazing feature of this ERP software and that is to keep track for any of your consignment purchase, or any of the sale invoices. And not just this, but you can also order another consignment right from this software by using this wonderful feature.

All in One Software

Then you need not arrange your customers to send their orders, because once the invoice is completed then a reminder is automatically set in this software which allows you to remember which order to be sent to which customer. And whenever you are going to order raw consignment, then it does not mean it will just be a random order. Because this ERP Software also allows you to provide you with the whole record of each and every raw stone. And due to this, you can easily calculate that how much of the material is used, and how much of this will be wasted. Inshort, this is all in one software that lets you manage your whole business while sitting in your office.


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