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Every third person in India gets desperate when it comes to the game of cricket. But despite the passion and dream to play in the cricket team, it is not fulfilled by all. Using all insights and cricket knowledge, one is now not far from cricket as there is a provision of fantasy cricket games. It is an online virtual platform to make one’s own team, play the match and earn reward points in the form of cash prizes, coupons, tokens, and so on. Being a superb medium to delight the real cricket match, relishing the game is easy by fantasy cricket. Download the best fantasy cricket games application and make a move one step to stick to the passion.

Advantages of playing fantasy cricket-

Playing games online has now become a trend with people joining the platform for fun and entertainment. Many crickets’ fans love playing cricket games online as it gives them many benefits like-

  • Choosing 11 players- The game of cricket online gives the user to choose his/her own team in real-time where the choice of tournament and contests can also be decided. According to the protection and performance of the players in every match, this team can be changed as per need.
  • Basic knowledge required- Anyone having the basic knowledge about the game can join fantasy cricket. It does not require any extra knowledge or skills to learn the game. One can enhance knowledge by playing games each day and developing skills same ways.
  • Accolades on a regular basis- The online gaming zone gives an opportunity to earn rewards, points, and bonuses from each game that can be converted into real-time products of one’s own choice. The game of leisure and learning can make you earn huge profits or money from which it becomes easy to shop favorite items from the branded stores.
  • Full authority over the game- Once the user is ready to play the cricket game or any other game on the online platform, has the liberty to decide every aspectof the game. From points like players, captain, pitch, each game strategy is decided by the user.
  • Best platform for live cricket- The best cricket fantasy also offers its users to play a match when the game is live in the stadium. Analysis and assumptions can be made for predicting the winning teams and earning reward points and cash prizes.
  • Virtual game with real feeling- The game though being played virtually by own team selection has the real feel in it. The enthusiasm and spirit of playing the game shows how deep one gets involved in the match during the entire game.
  • Paly multiple leagues together- The games are fun, and chances of winning prizes can be increased by playing multiple tournaments at the same time. Thus, a virtual game platform gives a chance to involve in each league and show the talent.

For those who want to earn big through these fantasy games have to put in some efforts to learn, explore and analyze the game in deep. Getting into the finer details to know about the chances of winning team is a must. Learning and following some of the winning tips which are given below are important-

  • Know about the player performance- The form of a particular player in the recent weeks and months should be well-known. The recent form matter more than the player’s entire career record. The fantasy cricket earnings are dependent on only one match performance. The winnings are just from one match, so players must be selected accordingly. A-class players must be selected as they have a long-term performance record.
  • Get in detailed weather and pitch reports- It is very rightly said the “horses for the courses” should be chosen wisely. The players for the match are also selected on the basis of the weather and pitch report. If it is an afternoon game, it is necessary to go with more spinners rather than swing bowlers. Depending upon the pitch power hitters, and swing bowlers should get a chance in the team.
  • Choose captain and vice-captain wisely- In fantasy cricket it is seen that captain gets 2x points and vice-captain gets 1.5x points. The two best performers of the game if decided with detailed analysis will no scope of losing the game. This situation will also help you leave behind the competitors.
  • Look for creating multiple teams- Another tip for creating more probability of winning the match is to create multiple teams. Having two to three teams in hand increases the winning chances. There is no limit in the fantasy cricket apps for teams, so one can end up making as many as they can for winning rewards.
  • Never miss any latest updates and news- The team of 11 players selected also depends upon the last minutes updates. Even the change in the coach or any player change due to injury can also affect the game. The key to winning big match money lies in selecting the top order batsmen.
  • Make the right combination of players- In fantasy cricket one player from each category is to be chosen. The ideal way is to choose a team with top 4 batsmen, so that maximum points can be achieved by their all-rounder performance. Even the wicketkeeper plays an important role in the team as his batting abilities are able to fetch more winning points.

In order to get away from the boring daily schedule, it is very effective to join a virtual platform for fun activities. The game allows to becoming champion in each game. The game of fantasy cricket is legal in India so with this there are coming up many applications with their own rules and regulations. For those who believe in their cricket stat expertise and knowledge can earn huge money from these applications. The fantasy game is not just a game of luck but also skills and information. Do your homework, get ready to play a match of fortune and become an expert by playing on frequent games in fantasy cricket.


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