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Real Estate is a big ticket item in the Digital Marketing space and its stakes are very high, needless to mention the competition. Unlike other products and services, Real Estate promotion has to be meticulously executive with a great understanding of the processes, factors, actors and players involved in your operational marketplace. Let us see how various methods and methodologies can be effectively and diligently used to market Real Estate and Immovable Properties digitally.

Need Analysis for Real Estate Digital Marketing

In the Need Analysis stage, you have to list out the key Attributes that you wish to promote,  accomplish, fulfill and factor in. They can be primarily the Items-to-Promote, Keywords & Categories, Target Markets, Promotional Purposes and Business Goals. 


Each Item-to-Promote has to be defined in detail and all the related Sub-items or Factors such as Website Visits, Digital Asset Downloads, Online Leads & Enquiries, Content Post Readerships, Brand Identity Engagements, Backlink Clicks, Video Views, Infographic Views, et al to be covered and undertaken should be stated in the Need Analysis stage.

Keywords & Categories

With regards to the Keywords & Categories, you have to pick the top 10 or so Keyword Phrases and Categories such as the following: Homes for sale, House for sale, Property for sale, Condos for sale, Apartments for sale, Flats for sale, Furnished houses for sale, New property for sale, Affordable houses, Luxury house for sale, Residential Flats for sale, Residential projects near (certain location), Upcoming residential projects in (certain location),  Real estate for sale, Real Estate, Builders & Promoters, Budget houses,etc., and add in the watch out list of your Digital Marketing Plan. As you do various activities like SEO, Content Marketing, Blog Posts, Guest Posts, Articles, Case Studies, Social Profiles, Backlink Anchor Texts etc., ensure you use and promote these keywords and phrases so that you will be able to watch these Keywords’ Performance in Search Engines. To buy, check our SEO Packages.

Target Markets/Target Audiences

Next in line is the item: Target Markets or Target Audiences. This step requires a great deal of research, market knowledge and product understanding (that is about your real estate project). As you plan to fix your Target Markets, you tend to keep on pushing the limits and boundaries. There are two sets of Market Targeting. One is the Geographical Market and another, the Demographic/Psychographic Market. You have to take a strong and decisive call here. On the outset, the whole world appears to be the market for real estate. But, at the bottom of it all you need to have a clear perspective of who your actual potential customers are and how and where they are so you can effectively target them for getting tangible results. Your typical target audiences can be such as Young Couples, Recent Movers including Migrants, Residents living in the area, People working in Offices in the location, Investors looking for prime properties in the area, Parents of children studying in the location, Specific criteria searchers, Online Influencers, YouTubers and Bloggers, etc. This enables you to do the right Audience Setting in ads and Content Marketing initiatives as and when you publish your content in Blogs, Social Media, YouTube, Local and Niche Directories, and other relevant Online Platforms for Geo-targeting or Demographic Targeting.

Promotional Purposes

You may set your Promotional Purposes as wide as these:

  • Creating, establishing or increasing Brand Awareness in the surrounding locations and with specific target audience
  • Highlighting the merits, features, benefits and Unique Selling Propositions (USP’s) of your Property and the location.
  • Getting Online Visitors to your Property Landing Page or Company Website
  • Getting more Brand Engagements such as E-asset like brochure and catalogue downloads, spending more time by visitors on your Website, Video Views, etc
  • Getting Email Enquiries, Calls and Property Visits through Informative, Educative, Instructional and Inspiring Digital Content
  • Showing Market Presence and improving Category Leadership Position among the Target Audience and the Real Estate Industry.
  • Improving Your Online Reputation & Trust through online feedbacks and reviews and thus creating positive impact on Influencers and general public
  • Promoting and highlighting new Property features, facilities, schemes and offers, booking options, etc
  • Increasing Call-To-Action (CTA) responses that should eventually result in numerous  Sales Conversions.

If, however, you are a Construction Company, Civil Consultant, Builder or an Architect offering a host of construction services such as construction, civil engineers, architects, Scheme Drawing Preparation, Working Drawings, Civil Consulting, Structural Designing, Architectural Schematic Plans, New Works on Contract Basis, Renovation Works on Contract Basis, Turnkey Projects , 3D Elevation Drawings, Consulting in Structural Designs, Working drawings 2D, Working Drawings 3D, etc., you may promote these services and keywords in your Digital Content and Ads, and get additional mileage.

Business Goals

Your Digital Marketing’s Business Goals have to be very specific and tangible so that the campaign effectiveness and ROI can be measured and necessary course corrections if any can be effectuated so that future campaigns can be bettered.

  • Getting first page Google Ranking Results of top ten keywords
  • Getting x number of Online Visitors to company Website in this campaign period
  • Getting x number of Video Views this campaign period
  • Getting x number of Content Readership this campaign period
  • Getting x number of eBrochure Downloads this campaign period
  • Getting x number of Email Enquiries/Enquiry Form Submissions this campaign period
  • Getting x number of Phone Enquiries this campaign period
  • Getting x number of Quality Leads for each and individual Property
  • Getting x number of Bookings for Physical Visits to the Property this campaign period

Global Targeting

If you are promoting big projects like large stretches of land, huge facilities, corporate buildings, ultra-premium properties, nation-specific community housing, etc.,you can use Global Targeting methods and techniques. For this, you have to use universal and global keywords & terms and platforms for your SEO and PPC Ads, International Real Estate Online Marketplaces, Paid PR and News Portals, and Content Distribution Platforms, Programs and Systems.

Local Targeting

If your Real Estate Project or Property is very much local and your potential buyers are regional or location-specific like your neighbourhood, town or city, you may well direct all your focus and efforts to the local audience. You can use multitudes of local media, local keywords, local bloggers, local Facebook Groups and local directories to aim your marketing content and efforts to the local audience.

Measurement & Post Analysis

You have to measure all your Digital Marketing efforts and do Post Analysis so that you will be able to check if they have really worked the way you desired and strategized. You can check each of the following measures and assess the overall success rate of your Digital Marketing campaign: Online Enquiries, Website Visits, Video Views, Phone Enquiries, Property Visits, Bookings, Advance Payments, Newsletter Sign ups, Article Readership, Followers in Social Networks, Offshore Client Visits, E-assets Downloads, Banner Clicks, Banner Views, Survey Responses/Feedbacks/Reviews, Mobile Viewership and Google First Page Results for Primary Keywords.


Having discussed thus far about Real Estate Digital Marketing, and seen the key points and ideas, it is highly recommended to you that you fully understand the game and then start the game. Success cannot defy you. If you wish to write to us or learn about our SEO Packages and Digital Marketing Services,


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