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After Telecom These 5 Industries are All Set to be Revolutionized


Ever since the advent of technology (Internet, more precisely) a number of industries have revolutionized to nearly 180 degrees.

Technology has not just brought a number of industries on world’s fingertips with mobile applications, but have also redefined them in a way that they are now more accessible and more value embedding.

The first revolution that we saw was with the Telecom industry and since then there has been no stop. One after another a number of the once traditional industries like Education, Banking, and even Real Estate are now modish.

In this article, we will look at Five industries that are now singing the revolution tone, ever since the past decade and which are only going to grow further.

Let us begin.

Industries That Have Undergone Revolution

Home Automation

Could you even imagine switching your home AC off while you were in the middle of a meeting at office? Or did you even think about the possibility of locking your home when you were sitting at the airport waiting for the flight? I doubt it.

But, ever since the past few years, the concept of Home Automation has changed the world’s outlook toward how life like a house can become.

Now, with just a click of a button, we are able to switch the microwave off or can manage your energy consumption level with nothing but your voice – a possibility that has been brought on every device by app development companies, globally.

This power has created an estimate that by 2022, the home automation system market would be worth around $78.27 billion.

It is only a matter of time when businesses will be able to make the consumers fully aware of the power their home and every device in it holds.

Renewable Energy

Another industry that has seen a remarkable revolution in the present day scenario is renewable energy. Over time, the sector has witnessed a lot of attention both in terms of investment and innovation.

The solar power plants, which earlier used to cost a fortune, today have seen a major slash in prices because of the innovation related to making them simpler and smaller. After solar power plants, there is another technology that has seen mass investment and acceptance – Electric Cars. A lot of efforts are being put into making electric cars and its energy outlet more accessible for both businesses and the end users, also conscious initiatives are being taken behind battery storage – something which the foundation of electric cars are based on.


The amalgamation of finance and tech has already been in news because of their mass adoption and the n number of offered benefits and ever since the popularity of block chain app development, the industry has been witnessing a new found disruption.

The industry is on the verge of being revolutionized to an extent that fiat money is about to lose its existence any day now. Our generation is even moving towards a time when banks and other financial institutions would lose their meaning with the whole control of money management falling in the hands of the end users and happening over the decentralized block chain network.


After coming on mobile by over 80% the Retail industry revolution has still not stopped.

The fact that mobile has brought retail on world’s fingertips is only a peek into the scope of revolution that the industry is yet to see.

Technology is clearing the line between brick and mortar stores and their tech stores counterpart by offering a seamless connection between both with the help of factors like Beacon and QR Codes.

Also, the mere shopping experience is set to change 180 degrees with the advent of AR/VR in every shopping instance. Gaming and AI has been giving a new meaning and altogether never experienced before product purchase movement.


40% job applications that now come through the mode of mobile, globally, is sign enough of the revolution route that recruitment industry has taken. It is just a matter of time when even the candidate verification and first level screening would be done using block chain, thus making the process much faster, reliable, and cost effective.

A recruitment revolution is upon us today. And it is only going to make the industry faster and efficient. We are staring into a time when the employee on boarding will be done using the AR technology and the screening questionnaire will be marked and shortlisted by robots in place of human.

So here where the five industries that are looking into a time when they have moved from their current state of revolution and have entered the era of disruption. Do you know of any other industry that is all prepared to see a future similar or even more techno than these? Let us know in the comments below.


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