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The number of people owning Android devices is increasing at a fast pace and there are available 1+ million apps to select from. Hence, with plenty of options readily available, trying to select the best apps for the device can become a real troublesome task for many.

Must download latest apps list

Besides Twitter, Gmail, Facebook and YouTube, there are other apps that can be defined as must-haves for the Android. Few of them are given below:

  • Buffer: This app does allow users to become a social media whiz and is similar to Hootsuite. It is possible to schedule LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook posts based upon when they are likely to be the most effective. It also allows tweeting of messages when majority of the followers appear to be listening. Post stats and overall performance can also be checked. It is free to be used.
  • Google Maps: Although there is officially present the navigator app ‘Maps’ in the device, the one that is known to deliver fully is Google Map, and hence, a wonderful addition. This map is accurate and does away with the navigation problems faced in other maps. Hence, it is commonly used the world over.
  • Fooducate: This health app is free to download. It is possible to determine an item’s health value when at the grocery store based upon what is being recognized upon the label. It allows scanning of the item barcode to view its grade. The app database grades food items ranging from controversial ingredients to calories, thus providing a clear picture as to what is being purchased. Literally, the user is educated on item’s health value.
  • Zillow: This app is also free to be used and can help find a better accommodation to live in. Majority of the sites hide top properties from the audience due to lack of information or own interest. It crawls almost all real estate and properties available in the area, right from renting to buying. Crucial information is provided allowing the user to contact the leasing office or the property owner while the simper design and interface is easy to use.
  • Dropbox: There are present several cloud services to choose from. However, Dropbox ranks among the very best and is free to be used. It is known to work on almost every available platform and allows users to save files across several devices including tablet, phone, laptop or the desktop to be viewed at own convenience.
  • Vidmate: This app is especially for music lovers and comes with unlimited valuable features. It supports higher resolution, which means videos can be downloaded in HD version to enjoy enhanced quality and stunning presentation. It also offers lightning speed downloading of all videos, irrespective of its size, be it from Dailymotion, Vimeo, and YouTube or from other online video sites. It assures providing 200% quicker download speed when compared to other apps. It also allows watching HD quality Live TV. So, go for vidmate app download install new version.

Overall, it will be wise to download the best apps on your Android device to have a rich and mesmerizing experience.


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